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Michael’s Story

I'm happy to say I am a happily retired man.  It gives me time to do this.  What "this" is, is in a continual morphological condition. Building this website and the business that Linda and I are hoping to create is exciting to me.  It will allow both of us a chance to share our experiences and knowledge with you.
I'll start my story at the point when my family lived in Central College, Ohio near Westerville, Ohio just down Sunbury Road about a quarter mile south of the entrance to Hoover Reservoir.  So many neat things happened at our old house, built upon an old log cabin, which I was told was part of the underground railroad.  We had 5 acres of land and woods and beyond our land was acres and acres of more woodland.
It was there that my first encounters with the paranormal took place.  One of those encounters was with what I believe was a Bigfoot.  Another was with a fireball that nearly hit my older brother and father and I as we stood in our open field behind our house.  Another was seeing a UFO hovering in the sky near the area my older brother and I had seen the creature.
We had some neat times out in those woods and around Hoover Reservoir and it was those experiences that led me later to contact Pete Hartinger, director of 
Roundtown UFO Society, a.k.a., RUFOS.  Since 2007 when first meeting Pete, Jon Fry and Delbert Anderson, the three who started the society with their purpose of informing the public about the reality of unidentified flying objects and the extraterrestrials that manned them, my interest in UFOs, Bigfoot and the Paranormal has increased daily.  I'm putting together a puzzle I, before, didn't realize needed put together.  The RUFOS meetings and the folks that went to them were full of information that continually peaked my interest in ufology.  Later we began to talk more openly about the paranormal including cryptozoological creatures and spirit-type entities.  Now, I can see what appears to be a connection in all of them.
I spent some time investigating with 
MUFON (Mutual UFO Society and am now working on investigations for RUFOS.  It was and is through these investigations, I came closer to the anomalies that were happening through the stories of the witnesses, some of which have included experiencing interaction with the extraterrestrial entities. 
I don't just believe in them now, I know.  With what I've experienced and the overwhelming amount of evidence; the experiences of a multitude of others, the witness stories, both personally and online, the mountain of information that is available to be seen, including the recent revealing of the 
$22,000,000 government-backed investigation of UFOs, you too might think it would be ridiculous to say otherwise. 

See more at the Scholastic News websiteNot long ago our grandchildren came to visit carrying a “Scholastic News” issue (January 27, 2020 - Issue 3) with an image of an alien on the front page and the title “Are Aliens Real?”.  It neither confirmed nor denied their existence, but was appropriately written to arouse the children’s curiosity.  I believe it is one sign of many that disclosure is slowly being made.

See Michael's Story about some of his paranormal experiences back in the 1960's

Now, Linda an I are creating an outlet for these experiences and information and want to bring them to you.  I hope you enjoy our fun as much as we will.