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April 22, 2020

Neighbor’s Apple Tree Has All Its Apples Eaten

One night I happened to run into my neighbor walking back down the gravel road to his house.  We started talking about the coming frost and covering up of some of our vulnerable plants.  The conversation included his apple trees and how the frost would affect them.  

Everytime I hear anything about apples or apple trees I automatically think of Bigfoot liking apples.  I mentioned to him that Bigfoot liked apples wondering about his reaction and not knowing if he believed in the beings.  He surprised me when he told me about how one year one of his trees ended up missing all of its apples overnight.  He said he thought perhaps deer and/or racoons had gotten into it.

This aroused Linda's and my curiosity even more when I heard his story.  Could it have been a Sasquatch?

I remember when reading Thom Powell's book, The Edge of Science, where in it he tells of his neighbor one day being angry with him and not understanding why.  He came to find out that his neighbor was saying he'd stolen all of his apples on his tree.  Thom suspected Sasquatch involvement.

In reading about the strength of these beings, I wouldn't doubt they could take a tree and literally shake all the apples off of it... Thom wondered about this in his book.

We've tried to gift apples to our illusive friends wondering if we'd get some reaction, but as of yet, they've mostly just come up missing without knowing who took them.

I've gone to the Bigfoot Conferences and talked to folks telling of their experiences when they were camping and they thought the being had come up and sat down near enough to their tent that it moved.

In my imagination I ponder camping in a tent and hearing a Bigfoot outside the tent.  I'd have apples with me (or us) and I'd have to pitch one or two out the opening of the tent... lol  Can you imagine???

When I had my first sighting in the early 60's, we had an apple orchard, a huge pear tree and a couple of cherry trees and I think that is what attracted them to our home...  See the story of my experience with Bigfoot at the following link:    https://roundtownufosociety.com/michaels_story.html

This is a sketch I made showing my memory of the incident that my brother and I had seeing what I believe was a Bigfoot out in the woods near our property in Central College, Ohio near Westerville, Ohio and Hoover Reservoir back in the 1960s.

April 24, 2020

Linda’s Dream - Bigfoot Meeting

Dreaming, to me, has always seemed like an adventure. I can remember my father telling me about his dreams and how he flew a lot, just like a bird. I do that now many times a week. Sometimes within a vehicle and sometimes just by myself, launching myself skyward and soaring like an eagle.

So many of my dreams include loved ones that have passed on. I visit with my mother at least once a week, usually in the house I was raised or traveling to far off destinations.  Most of my dreams seem very real to me.  I have trained myself over the years to remember more and more of them.  Some of my dreams are more than just “dreams”, though, as I am either watching myself react to situations or I am included in them and experience them in real time, or both.

One such dream which I had last year was about a Bigfoot family. Michael and I had been wanting very much to communicate with them, if indeed they do exist in our neighboring woods.  I found myself, in my dream, sitting on the ground, staring up at an enormous male Bigfoot creature.  This time I was both watching and participating in the dream, which seemed very unusual.  It appeared to be early evening, as I found myself atop the hill across from our creek.  The Bigfoot approached me until he was within about 6 feet from where I was sitting.  I remember the shear amazement as well as the terror that I felt as I looked up at his time-worn face and human looking eyes.  He appeared to me to be about 8-10 feet tall and his entire body was covered with medium brown hair, which was about 4 inches long all over, except for his face and hands, which were hair free.  I wanted to run, but I was also very curious and wanted to communicate with him.  So, there I sat, expecting the unexpected.

The Bigfoot creature looked down at me and asked, “where is the man?”  I felt that he was communicating with me through thought and not verbally but telepathically.   I said aloud, “he is in the house below us.”  I in return asked him, “what is your name?” And he replied, “Ashtor.”  I was amazed and suddenly we were joined by an equally large female Bigfoot.  She approached us slowly and cautiously, but seemed unafraid to me.  She stood about 3 feet behind the male.  “What is your name?”, I asked her. She replied, “Verameg.”  I heard a scratching noise behind a tree about 10 feet from the female.  Behind a large tree, stood 2 very curious looking, much smaller Bigfoot youngsters.  Each of the young ones appeared to be about 5 feet tall. They never approached us, but remained half-hidden. They were both lighter in color and both were covered in hair except for their faces, which was about all I could see of them.  

The thing I remember most was how humanlike they were in appearance.  I also remember vividly how I felt, amazed and frightened, but curious.  If this was a dream, I still feel blessed to have experienced this wonderful adventure.  If this was more than a dream, I thank them all for this opportunity to have a sneak peak at the true reality which is available to all of us if we are brave enough and curious enough to experience it!

April 26, 2020
Michael & Linda

Sasquatch Footprints (Maybe)

In all this time of being here, April 4th is the date we first found what is the closest possibility of footprints of a Sasquatch or Bigfoot.  
They were large prints found along the creek bed just outside the water not far from our home.  Of course, we can’t say they are definitely of Bigfoot, but are the closest we have seen thus far.  We took some photos, but due to the fine loose gravel, almost sandy (very fine pebbles), the impressions weren’t real defined.  In other words, the material that was stepped in was not cohesive enough to produce a good outline of the foot such as the toes.  That is why we didn’t try to get a cast.
They were large enough to rule out anything else that might be walking around except that of a man with very large feet with large boots.  The tracks, when measured, were about 18 inches long.  The photos here were taken with a measuring tape for verification of size.  The depth, I think should have been deeper considering the weights of these creatures or beings, but the surface of where we found them might have been harder due to the type of layered gravel found.  
Even though the prints were not the quality of so many others we’ve seen, we have to include them in our investigation.

April 26, 2020
Michael & Linda

Tree Anomalies

In our hikes out into the woods near our home we have kept and eye out for possible tree anomalies and structures that might be bigfoot related.  The following photos are a few anomalies that we have seen:

The structure to the immediate left was noticed after we had started to clear a trail out in the woods not too far from our home.

The other two were farther out and up in the hills.

These two photos are talked about in our March 11, 2008 blog where we went out to walk the trail and found this 4 inch diameter log in the middle of the trail that wasn’t there on previous hikes and appeared to be driven about six or 7 inches down into the ground.  It stood straight up and down.  I pulled it up and looked at the bottom and it was a blunt end.  We didn’t find any tracks at all.  See the blog here.

The four photos below are of a couple of trees that showed up bent one day in the woods beside our house. Obviously a tree had fallen and bent one over, but we couldn’t quite figure out how the second one ended up bent over.  The bottom two photos show a forked piece of a tree that appeared to be placed on top of one of the trees.  I couldn’t see a tree it had fallen off of… none matched.  The top left is the view from our deck.

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