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Autumn 2017
Bigfootin Blog Begins

One of the things we wanted to look at to figure if the area around our home would be sufficient for a bigfoot to live so I took my drone up for some aerial photos and video and this is what it's like near us.  There are some other houses nearby, but there are woods galore.  We think there is enough sustenance for them to be around.  


Check out the video of our home and surrounding property HERE.

March 30, 2018

Piece of Asphalt Lands Near Linda - Apparently Thrown

is a chunk of asphalt that Linda said appeared to be thrown as it landed with a thud as she was on our front porch and deck in the night. She found it on the gravel road in front of the house.  She says it wasn't there before and she hadn’t seen anyone nearby.  Bigfoot is known to throw rocks.

March 11, 2018
Linda & Michael

Log Found in the Middle of a Trail Heading Out Into the Woods

This is either a part of a tree or a large branch that we found on one of the trails in the area which was about 4 inches in diameter.  We found it standing straight up perpendicular stuck in the center of the trail.  We pulled it up out of the ground to see it.  Something with enough force had caused this blunt ended log to be driven approximately 6 or 7 inches into the ground with enough force to shear the bark of it to ground level.

We looked around to see if it could have fallen from one of the trees nearby and didn't see anything that might fit.  Even if it did, I can't fathom it falling hard enough to be driven that deep into the soil in the condition it was in and land as straight up as it did... it was level... the soil around it was undisturbed even at the entry point.  It came straight down as though it was thrust straight into the ground with one fell swoop and was stuck in the ground.  It took lot of force to remove it to see how far in and what the end of it looked like.  
The apples you see on the log were our later attempt to re-gift the possible gift given.

March 30, 2018
Michael & Linda

Deer Skull Found Hanging on Tree

We found this skull along the trail one afternoon as we were hiking.  The skull hung upon a tree about 6 foot up.  At first, we thought it was some of the neighbors having some fun and left it hanging there.  After I had gone back to Ohio, I pondered the thought of if it could have been left as a gift or something that was left to mark a spot... Either way, I looked at it, I figured it wouldn't be there if we left it overnight.  I called Linda back here in Parkersburg and asked her if she thought we should go back and grab it.  Of course, she did and off she went and brought it home.

Later she told me the story that went with her trip to get it and her sensing someone or thing was watching her spooking her so much she dropped it on the way back to the house.  As she went to pick up the skull in the creek, she heard vocalizations which she hadn't heard before.  She was so frightened that not knowing what else to do, she ended up sitting down on some nearby rocks and started chanting (she's got some Native American blood in her).  She thinks there were at least two of them and feels one of them was upset she had taken the skull.  We had a neighbor who delved into taxidermy and asked him about it and he didn't claim leaving it on the trail.  We now have an ornamental skull sitting on our veranda overlooking the woods. 

September 16, 2018



About 4:30 AM I woke up to some noises that I thought were in the house. Saw the cat jump up onto the open window sill. 
Something startled it and it took off like a bat out of hell. Raising my head to try to see and hear what was going on, I woke Linda up.
A moment later Linda and I both smelled a very strong scent similar to that of a skunk. To me, it was a bit different than I'm used to for a skunk... not as offensive, (never was super offensive to me, but I've never been sprayed) but in the room, it was very strong. It (the smell) lingered for a few minutes and then was gone. I've not seen my cat skeedaddle like that very often...
Linda said she heard footsteps of some sort going up the hill at the side of our house... I couldn't hear it - didn't have my hearing aids in... 
One of us should have jumped right up and looked, but, well...
I've never had a skunk spray at or near me... only smelled it in passing either in the car on the road or out in the woods. This smell was like it was passing by with whatever brought it... there was no lingering smell at all except for the few minutes we smelled in in our room.. and it filled our room. It was there and then gone completely. 
A little later as I lay there awake thinking about it, a sense of impending doom came over me. Not sure if it was my thoughts creating it, but I caught it and realized that people who've had experiences with Bigfoot said they felt a similar feeling. I subdued the thought and decided to get up and go out to see what I could see... at least 15 minutes had passed I believe.
I decided to go out and walk around the house without a flashlight. The stars and planets lit up the night. Orion's Belt was shining brightly. 
We have a small bench we put out near the edge of our property near our creek and I decided to meander over to it and sit for a spell to listen and see what I might see. As I sat there, I clapped my hands three times hoping to get a return knock or some other type of noise, but heard nothing distinctive... I tried it a couple more times with the same results.
Then I decided to walk up the gravel road that went up to and dead-ended at our neighbor's. There was a place Linda showed me where she had heard some strange noises. It was a little less than halfway up the road where I stopped and listened to the creek running and trickling in the darkness.
Again... I didn't hear or see anything but nature... I knew there was a deer trail near this location and was hoping to at least hear one of them.
Back down the road to the house and all was calm. The light of the dawn created a hue in the sky making the walk brighter. 
Got home and decided to get a bowl of cereal and sit out on the porch to eat it hoping that there was still a chance that whatever passed by might be around watching.
BAM!!! I jumped when a hickory nut fell from a tree and hit the tin roof of our neighbor's garage. Man is it loud in the still of the night... Didn't think much of it after I recovered from the initial startle...I've heard at least a couple dozen fall on their roof... lol We've got quite a few Shagbark Hickory trees in our yard and nearby... It's a special sound in the night as the nuts fall hitting the leaves and finally thumping and bouncing. 
You know...I didn't spill a drop of milk from my bowl of cereal...
Meant to look for tracks this morning and forgot until sitting here to write this... sheeez... If something did walk by (something scared the wiz out of my cat) there might still be some tracks of some sort. We'll see tomorrow morning.
While I've been writing this, (time is about 11:02 PM at this moment), Linda was out on the back deck playing the flute and she just came up all excited saying she thought she heard something walking in the grass and then possibly walking up the steps to the deck where she was sitting. She didn't say anything about smelling something weird.

When I checked for tracks, I found the ground was too hard.  

Could it have been a passing skunk whose scent was so strong that it permeated our whole room and then just disappear?  Perhaps…  Would my cat have been so freaked out at the sight of a skunk?  Perhaps…

July 19, 2018



Something else happened a week ago or so that has me scratching my head.
It was right after I had awakened and I had gotten up and was heading for the bathroom. I always stop at the double doors in a lower level (2nd story) of the house to see what the day looks like and the beauty of the surrounding land. 
As I looked through the double doors, I notice that a Sycamore tree down by the creek was swaying quite a bit (there was no wind to speak of) and I immediately thought that our new neighbor was out clearing some of his land. As the tree swung, I heard cracking sounds and actually thought it was about to come down. Then it just stopped. I continued looking to see if anyone was down there and saw neither human or creature. I thought a bear can climb a tree... but I think I would have seen it, possibly not. It would've had to have been as big as a bear to cause the tree to sway as much as it did and then to crack to boot.

I asked our new neighbor who came later that day if he'd been on the property earlier when I saw the tree swaying and he said he hadn't been there until I spoke with him.
Subsequent checks revealed nothing positive for proof that a creature was there at all. I saw in the shallow creek what looked to be a shape of a bigfoot print, but in the rocky, almost sandy consistency of the soil mounded around it, that it provided no proof. The soil where the print was found was mounded higher than the main part of the stream and had a watery print shape of a foot that could be the size of what a bigfoot might have. There were no other prints to go along with it, so I can't go with it being an actual print.
Unseen bear? Possible communication? 
I previously heard either a tree or a large branch (imagining and estimating 2 or 3 inch diameter) SNAP! in the dark early predawn hours as I played my flute on the back deck of the house. The very loud and quick snap made me think it was intentional.
This was another incident where I hope whatever caused it was intentionally trying to get my attention.

JULY 19, 2018


How many times will you have a coyote or something similar raise cain right outside your bedroom window? 
This was another strange happening here at Biggies... (the home in which Linda Sigman and I live).
I was in bed sleeping and I hear this animal howling to beat hell right outside our window. I have to admit this time that I might have imagined it though, because I think I would have gotten up to look outside the window if I were in a conscious state... lol Plus, Linda didn't hear it again and if it did happen, I have to guess she'd have woken up... then again she's missed other things I've heard...
If this was my imagination, it's marking a start of some powerful... much more powerful thought processes that are at least making things seem more real. Not sure if it is a positive thing, but it's cool to experience.
My skeptic self questions if it can be real, but I know there's more to life than what many can see and hear... I know this is true... I've seen it and heard it and experienced it...with no explanation in the world I've called "real" for decades, but that same skeptic forces me to question which one this can be.

In the line of communicating with Bigfoot, my thoughts go with what I've read.  Bigfoot can mimic many sounds of the woods...

It's now getting frustrating as this is the second incident of sound being heard that my partner didn't and she was right beside me...albeit sleeping at the time.

Will our communication be on a telepathic level only?  

Could I be desiring and wishing too hard for contact to be established?  Well.......….….

JULY 19, 2018



Another thing that has Linda and I puzzled is something we found along one of our hikes in the woods.
Close to 7 months ago, when Linda and I were hiking and feeling amorous, I decided to proclaim my Love for her in an etching on a "Love Tree".  I call Beech trees "Love Trees" because so many people scratch their feelings of Love on them. You won't find too many Beech trees along a trail that isn't written on.
I'm sharing three photographs; one of the original etching in the autumn of last year (2018) and the other the same tree and etching taken yesterday (07/18/18) and one with a closer look at the new etchings. 
The photo taken yesterday shows additional etching added to ours. It wouldn't be real uncommon, one would normally think, but it is the way it was done that has us wondering.
As we looked at the latest photo, we noticed what looked like someone etching over our letters. The most prominent mark was a long (scratch?) that started above the "L" in Linda's name and stopped at the bottom of the left perpendicular part of the letter.
Then, as we looked longer, we noticed that the latest etchings were in and on top of each previous perpendicular letter etching, even on the "+" sign between our names.
The way this was done makes us think that it wouldn't have been a child that would be doing this. We think that if it were a child/adolescent/adult, it would be more random and possibly more destructive. 
Could it have been done by a knife or other sharp tool or possibly a claw?
In our quest for communication, Linda and I hope that this is an effort to communicate.
Of course, my skepticism just causes me frustration.
Look at it? What do you think? Any ideas?

AUGUST 26, 2018


With the waxing moon comes heightened senses, especially for those of us who are sensitives. The woods call to me on such occasions and I eventually give in when this occurs. Last Thursday was one of those days., as I cleaned the perimeter of the stream of debris from the last storm. Michael knew I was headed out, with only the walke talkie in hand. Into the forest and up the narrow mud road I went with no expectations, only hope and a feeling in my gut that someone was watching me intently. I cleared many fallen branches as I walked and felt the peace of Autumn on its way. Halfway up the hillside, I stopped to give a small "Whoop", not really expecting to hear an answer, but sure enough, for the first time in our woods, I heard a soft "Whoop" answering me back! Come on now, how can this be. As many times as I have asked this to happen, it came when I was least expecting it. I immediately called Michael on the walkie, feeling kinda foolish, only half believing what I had just heard.  I suppose that's how it goes a lot of times when it happens to others. I believe that Bigfoots are clairaudient and therefore, know when the appropriate time could be to catch you off guard. After a while I "Whooped" again, getting a second answer further upstream! I walked down over the hill and headed into the deep woods via the stream. I searched or signs of Biggie, stopping occasionally to sit on fallen trees to visualize them and to listen. The only sounds I heard were of the cicadas and an occasional call from the yellow-billed coo coo that seemed to be following me. Some researchers state that Bigfoots can imitate animal and bird sounds. I was wondering at the time if this was what was happening. Further up the stream, I looked into a large, quiet pool of water. Six fallen leaves were placed in a line in the middle of the pool. They looked as if they had been placed there on purpose, they were in beautiful shades of red, yellow, green and brown. I didn't have my camera to document this, of course, but I got the feeling that it was for me, be it from God, spirit or Biggie. I sat quietly and listened. There was the sound of something large moving slowly through the brush in the distance, and again, the coo coo bird calls. Then I heard what appeared to be the sound of metal hitting metal. Like when you are pounding in metal stakes to pitch a tent. I walked to where the sound was coming from, which was about 30 yards upstream and found nothing. Then I heard the sound again, then the sound of a log being thrown,,,I walked towards the sounds and saw nothing;. This area is over-grown deep woods and streams. There are houses not too far over the hills, but the sounds that were coming from the woods were in a general direction that has not roads or houses;. I walked back home, more water cress and figwort flowers in tow. This had been a good day. The full moon tonight will hopefully bring forth new experiences. Take advantage of it and happy hunting!

September 1, 2018


I'm writing this because I just want to remember it as time passes.  The dream led me down a tangent that adds to the imaginings of this life and the mystery of Bigfoot.

I never have full-blown productions of dreams that I remember from start to finish.  I only remember segments of the dreams. 

My recollection of this dream starts with me walking through some woods that I'm unsure as to the location.  McDonough Wildlife Preserve in Vienna, West Virginia comes to mind because of the terrain, but that's probably because of us hiking there not too long before the dream. 

I believe dreams stick with me if there is something that happens that excite or put some fear in me.  In this case, I was walking along coming up to a ridge jutting out and something caught my attention, a sound I think, so I started off toward that direction. I figured it was coming toward me from around a ridge and that eventually, I'd be able to see it as I walked further toward and around the ridge.

Finally, I saw walking toward me a creature (a being) that I figured was a Bigfoot.  As it came toward me, I instinctively went down on one knee and raised my hands up over my head as to plead not to hurt me.  I shortly found that it wasn't dangerous, and I sensed that it was trying to communicate something to me that I didn't understand.  In my dream, the fear didn't allow me to comprehend any of it.  Then, soon after us meeting, a much larger Bigfoot came by and said to the smaller one, "This one can't help you" and then the dream was essentially over.

It left me wanting to understand why I dreamed this sort of dream and I continually think about it.  In my yearning to get to know these beings, PLUS my experience of hearing the beast (I think telepathically) vocalizing a loud gutteral growl sound, it keeps me wondering too if the dream wasn't some form of telepathy.  Dang it, the vocalization felt so real, but the dream felt like a dream... I'm too skeptical to just accept the vocalization as my imagination...if that makes sense.  The dream felt like a dream and I can tell the difference.

In my hopes of meeting and communicating with these beings, my mind also leads me to the strange markings we found on the Beech tree where I marked "Linda + Michael" on it.  Whoever it was, it marked over top of it in a strange way.   Someone remarked on our Bigfootin Facebook that the markings that were made over top of ours might have been the markings of a juvenile Bigfoot and they might have been trying to communicate or just learn.  They also left a suggestion for us to further our attempts with communicating with a chalkboard or something similar which we will be doing.

So attempting to put the pieces of a puzzle together, my mind leads me to thinking now that the smaller being in the woods (in my dream) was possibly a juvenile simply trying to communicate or that there was something wrong and was needing help in some way.  Was it looking for help or just wanting to establish communication?  The dream struck me in such a way that we later went out and hung up a bottle of water strongly laced with Colloidal Silver, a powerful antibiotic, antiviral substance that is basically micro-sized particles of silver electrically drawn from pieces of silver, so small that it naturally stays suspended in water.  I swear by it to stop a cold or flu dead in it's tracks once it's onslaught is felt in my throat and nose.  It's safe as the silver is so small that is easily passed through the liver and doesn't build up.  That's a whole other interesting tangent for research.  Can these beings figure out this possibility?  Can they figure out how to take the cap off of the bottle?

Anyway, the consequences tell me to try to concentrate on Juvenile aspect of the whole thing.  A juvenile that hasn't perhaps seen the end of rifle or gun barrels and despite the stories of their elders, it wants to try to communicate.

The skeptic tells me I'm probably over-imagining things simply because I want this connection.

The unexplainable things continually pull on the ripcord of the parachute that opens my mind.

My heart tells me, "Hell Michael, you're 65 years old, do you really care what others might think?"  Go for it and see what your adventure (whether it's imaginary or real) will bring.

The possible outcome just might be AWESOME.  

There are different versions of a saying floating around that essentially declares, "A mind is a lot like a parachute.  It works best when it is open."  I'm in strong agreement with whoever first or later coined this saying.

November 2, 2018


Remote Viewer Communicates with Bigfoot / Sasquatch

I've been wanting to share some information that deals with remote viewing for some time now.  It has to do with Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

I've been interested in remote viewing for years and have been through some basic training with Intuitive Specialists.  My instructor was Lori Williams, a successful remote viewer with a lot of experience and a good track record with over 80% success rate of identifying the target set in front of her.  Her husband Jim was also helping in the basic class that I and others experienced.  It was in this class that I experienced telepathy in a way which was verified in class, and which coincides with what I feel might be happening here at Biggies.

I saw and experienced some exciting events in this class and learned what I wanted to learn... that it is true; that remote viewing is real and that most people who desire to learn it enough to go through the training can experience something amazing.

It's this background and my interest in the beings many call Bigfoot or Sasquatch that inspires me to share this document that she shared with me.  Her experience helps solidify my feelings that these beings aren't malevolent creatures and that they aren't corporeal as we know our existence is.  

I feel I can trust that what she has written is true as in what she experienced and the communication that was shared.

I am excited to share this document here on Bigfootin.com's blog.  Click on the document or link below to see it:

Remote Viewing Bigfoot or Sasquatch

If you are looking for an adventure, check out their website above and sign up for a class .

I dare say you’ll be amazed.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Remote Viewing, but I get excited when I think about it and I’ll share my experiences later.

September 22, 2018

50’s Monster Movies Do You Have a Favorite? A Local Expert Weighs in on Some of the Classics

That was the title of an article provided by a news company, Scioto Post located Circleville, Ohio, a town I came to love.

We have a friend from there who is also a Bigfoot enthusiast, very involved with the Bigfoot phenomenon, and an investigator.  He is a fellow member of MUFON and Roundtown UFO Society.  His name is Cameron Jones.  He was also an executive producer for the movie “Boggy Creek Monster”.
The fellow who helps run The Scioto Post in Circleville, Ohio, Jeremy Newman, who also enjoys classic cinema from the 50's, convinced him that he should write a piece about some classic cinema that people would remember and enjoy.  Cameron enthusiastically agreed and wrote up a great article that we'd like to share.  This is the link that we hope you too enjoy: 

September 17, 2018

Whistle in the Night

Last night, when Michael was outside listening for Bigfoot, I went back to bed. I heard a few crunching sounds outside our bedroom window. I listened intently, then heard a small, distinct, "whistle". The odd thing about this whistle is that is the same one that I use to call my horses. I was taught to always whistle to them the same way. This way they learn to come to the sound of your voice and it serves as a means of communication between you and them. It's as if the Bigfoot know many personal things about each of us. These beings most likely are highly evolved. We feel that it is only a matter of time that they agree to show themselves to us. We eagerly await their arrival!

April 18, 2018
Michael & Linda

Neighbor Bow Hunting Sees Creature He Cannot Identify

One day we caught wind of our neighbor Josh Sandy, an avid hunter who delved into taxidermy, saying he had seen something strange while out bow hunting.  He caught a glimpse of an animal that he couldn’t quite identify.  We went over to his house to see what information we could gather to see what he might have seen.

He allowed us to audibly record him as he told his story.

We made a short video of our investigation which can be seen at https://youtu.be/abPZhi9yJZI


Telepathic Communication with Bigfoot?

This is a strange story about something that happened one night in the spring or summer of 2018 here at our home.  
It was in the wee hours of the morning when both Linda and I had gotten up to go to the bathroom.  I had woken up Linda when I had gone.  It was right when Linda was coming back and laying down to get under the covers that I heard a huge, very loud guttural roar that reminded me of a combination of King Kong and a lion roaring.  It sent chills up my spine.  Startled and trying to gather my composure, I asked Linda if she had heard it thinking there was no way she hadn’t.  Linda didn’t reply and when I went to ask her again and looked down at her, I saw that she was already asleep.  I thought to myself, “How in tarnation did she fall asleep so quickly?”  It was like in an instant she laid her head down and she was asleep.  This was and still is so abnormal for her to do that.  I finally did wake her up and she said she hadn’t heard anything.

The sound was so close that I thought that whatever roared was standing on our back deck or even inside the next room.  It had frightened me so much that it took me a while to get up and go look.  When I eventually mustered enough courage to go into the other room and look out the double doors, I found that nothing was there or anywhere in sight.  It is hard for me to remember, but Linda said we both eventually went out on the deck and looked and couldn’t find anything.  Linda said she could see the startled look on my face and how upset I was.

This was so strange for me as I began to wonder if there was a way that I had imagined the whole thing.  For my whole life I don’t remember ever questioning myself if something was real or if I had imagined it when something felt this real.  I have never felt that I had ever lost touch with my sanity, but began questioning it that day and will always wonder what really happened.

The blog before this one was put there for a reason… it has to do with telepathy.  It has to do with a woman, proven to be an outstanding Remote Viewer having an experience with what she believes could have been a Bigfoot, and in her experience, there was telepathic communication with the being.  
It’s due to my experience with remote viewing that I know it is real and that telepathy is real.  It is why I am wondering if what happened this night might have been telepathic in nature.  If it was, I wonder why it came through as a sound of a beast and not of words.  In my consciousness and subconscious as I continue to mentally try to communicate with these beings, I let them know that it would be nice if they went easy on me if and when they finally decided on meeting on this earthly plain again face to face.
I believe they are dimensional beings due to many things I’ve read of them with hunters having them in their sights and seeing them half disappear and others saying how they just totally disappear right in front of their eyes.  Many Native American tribes describe their spiritual nature and we are now seeing this in the research of many who are hunting for the truth about Bigfoot.  
What I’m hoping for is that if I am fortunate enough to again meet in this dimension, I would very much like to not have to change my pants afterwards.

Click Here for more…

UPDATE 09/22/18: 

We went for another hike out into the woods today (09/22/18) and as we passed by our etchings on the Beech tree in question, I decided to add the name of "Mimi" our granddaughter to the etchings. I'm hoping to discover some additional markings similar to that later as we did the first etchings... we'll see. This is a photo of the additional etchings:

We’ll see…