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Linda M. Sigman - 740-601-8050 ~ Michael W. Moore - 614-572-6016
Parkersburg, West Virginia  26101

Email - [email protected]

This is Linda and her pooch Bo out in the woods near our home in West Virginia.

She has been interested in the paranormal since her teens and especially after her experience seeing Mothman in 1967.  She has been seen on History Channel and Travel Channel telling her story.

Cryptozoology is one of her interests, especially here in West Virginia at her home in Parkersburg where she has been experiencing what we believe can be Bigfoot.

She is researching, Bigfoot, Mothman, and other paranormal creatures along with the extraterrestrial (ET) UFO/UAP phenomenon as well.
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This is Michael and his pooch Boo out in the woods in Pickaway County in Circleville, Ohio.
He first became interested in Bigfoot when he and his brother saw what they believe was Bigfoot when they were children in the 1960s. This happened near the city of Westerville, Ohio in a village called Central College near Hoover Reservoir.  It was not until later that he became involved with Roundtown UFO Society (RUFOS) and began researching UFOs, Cryptozoology and the paranormal.  He has investigated various sightings for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and for RUFOS.

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